FORUM ACUSTICUM / EURONOISE 2025 (23-26 June 2025, Málaga, Spain)

Forum Acusticum / Euronoise 2025, the 11th EAA Annual European Conference on Acoustics and Noise Control Engineering, promises to be a premier gathering of renowned experts, researchers and professionals in the field of acoustics, providing a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge knowledge and collaborative discussions.

The technical programme will cover a wide range of topics including a comprehensive range of sessions, keynote presentations and technical activities aimed at exploring the latest developments and trends in acoustics. In addition, the Congress will host a technical exhibition, providing a platform for the industry's leading companies to display their latest technical innovations and advances in the field of acoustics. Forum Acusticum / Euronoise 2025 also aims to create a well-rounded experience for delegates and accompanying persons through an engaging social programme.

The EAA summer school on hot emerging topics of acoustics will take place from the 20th to the 22nd of June 2025 (3 days before the conference), as an attracting opportunity for students and young researchers.

Malaga is the ideal host for this congress, offering the perfect blend of cultural appeal, modern amenities and captivating surroundings. Renowned for its rich history and cultural life, Malaga offers participants a unique setting that seamlessly blends academic discourse with the charm of its historic monuments, diverse culinary experiences and the breath-taking beauty of its coastal landscapes. The city's state-of-the-art conference facilities, coupled with its warm hospitality, ensure a conducive environment for intellectual exchange and networking. Malaga's accessibility and well-connected infrastructure further enhance its suitability as a welcoming and inspiring host for Forum Acusticum / Euronoise 2025.

We are confident that the congress will not only foster scientific growth, but also create a vibrant atmosphere for networking and building lasting relationships.



Key Dates

  • Event starts : Jun 23, 2025
  • Event ends : Jun 26, 2025

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